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At PRVIGA Solutions, we've embarked on a disruptive journey that challenges leaders to rethink their business strategies in light of IT solutions. Our creation, WIDUNI, represents the next generation of IT solutions and introduces a new service category known as 'Custom Made Software as a Service' (C-SaaS). What does this mean for our customers?

1. WIDUNI is fully managed externally but remains under the control of business leaders, empowering them with seamless oversight.

2. WIDUNI revolutionizes the Software Development space, making it incredibly easy and cost-competitive. Leaders will find themselves benefiting from custom-made solutions at the speed of SaaS-based product implementation.

3. This translates to our customers receiving 100% of their end-to-end IT requirements in a single solution. WIDUNI is every leader's dream—a solution exclusively tailored to their needs, delivered within 30 days regardless of scope and complexity, complete with relevant visualization. Furthermore, organizations need not rely on their IT function to operate WIDUNI on a day-to-day basis

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Our vision is to streamline product development cycles through the innovative C-SaaS framework, enhancing effectiveness and efficiency to fuel business growth. We aim to achieve the fastest go-live times, deliver the latest functionality and features, and provide scalable solutions for our clients.

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In today's IT landscape, SaaS solutions have overtaken the market share previously held by Project or Custom Made Solutions. While the rise of SaaS products has facilitated digital transformation, the necessity for multiple SaaS solutions to fulfil an organization's end-to-end requirements presents a challenge. We firmly believe that each organization is inherently unique, even within the same industry or sector. Hence, our mission is to deliver a unified IT solution tailored specifically to each organization, offering comprehensive coverage of all requirements. Our goal is to achieve the shortest Go-Live time compared to any other solution type, ensuring rapid deployment and an immediate impact on business operations.

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Simple, Easy and Open Ended for all your IT Transformation

WIDUNI gives total empowerment to the leaders with respect to IT Strategy, Implementation and according to their time line

WIDUNI is an output of our core team’s experience, which spans across organizations like ABN AMRO, ARAMEX, Canon, FICO, Tata Telecom, Perot System, KPMG, IBM, Navsite, Cordys

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